You may be wondering if you can use my music in the background of your Youtube video or Twitch stream. Of course you can! You can even monetize.

There are just a couple of rules you need to follow ♥


I ask that you purchase the song from one of my online retailers. It's your choice!

Retailers: (click to launch retailer in a new window)

Use the song as background music in your video or stream.

There is only one stipulation: you may not upload the music alone with a static background image, audio visualization, or use the song in any manner in which the music is the main feature of your video. Each song may only be used as a music bed for your own, original content.

Provide me with credit in your video/streams description area and provide a link back to the official HeartPiece website [ Copy Link ].

After you upload your video to Youtube, you will receive a copyright claim from AdRev. Simply, email your Youtube video link to @heartpiece and I will release the claim.

*Important - Please, do not send this information before you receive the copyright claim. I cannot prevent the claim from happening. I can only release it once you have received the claim.


About HeartPiece

HeartPiece is a United States based Music Producer specializing in future bass, kawaii bass and chiptune genres.

Drawing knowledge from his university training in classical music, combined with his life-long passion for jazz, electronic music and video game soundtracks, HeartPiece aims to create music that gamers will continue to listen to even after they step away from their consoles.

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